Uqualla offers ceremonies for all of life’s special occasions, including:



Marriages in Spiritual Harmony."

Uqualla offers a ceremonious union in marriage filled with Native American spirituality, founded in spiritual harmony between body and spirit.

Uqualla begins the ceremony with invocation to the elements of Mother Earth, Father Sky, and to the East, South, West, and the North winds. A drumming signals celebration. The couple comes forth and the wedding rings are purified through an infusion of sage and prayer. Uqualla blesses the union of husband and wife with an array of ritual gestures. He makes the traditional offering chant and the heart beat of the drum to the four cardinal directions and a final chanting seals the union.

Uqualla's dramatic and unforgettable wedding ceremonies are legally recognized both within the United States and Internationally.

~ Renewal of Vows ~

For those who wish to reestablish and reconnect with their commitments to each other. This ceremony is similar to the wedding and has its own unique rituals to inspire a greater union between married couples.

~ Baby Blessings ~

Uqualla offers blessings on babies at sacred sites or in your home. 

Each blessing is unique to the child and experience.

~ Birthday Blessings ~

A blessing offered on this special day for children of all ages. Can be as simple or diverse as you wish it to be.

~ Home & Land Blessings ~

Uqualla offers ceremony to bless and clear your home and land in a powerful way. Bringing the elements in with chanting, smudging, singing, drumming and other forms of ritual.

~ Returning Home Ceremony ~

As a Ceremonial Facilitator, Uqualla has been given the responsibility of bridging the physical and spiritual. It is his honor to help you to help your loved one move on to the place of spirit in a good way.

Blessing Sacred Items

If you have items you wish to be purified, empowered and/or infused with other personal request, contact Uqualla.


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