Raised and trained into a ceremonial life thru teachings of the ancestors. The new vision is interpreted into an experience of sights,

Sounds, movements and colors. A sensorial activation through drum journeys imagery, dane oratory, and tribalism. 

Evoke your inner spirits into consciousness. Uquallas' avant garde form of ceremonial theatre keeps the audiences spellbound in pure tribal ritual magic.

"Dynamic and breathtaking, I am glad to have witnessed this experience." New York, NY

"It really felt like I was apart of the ceremony." Tokyo, Japan

"Amazing performance!" Sedona, AZ


Ceremonial theatre is a healing experience that comes from the Coyote Storytellers of old. Uqualla uses singing, signing and dancing with a combination of live music to ignite the inner spiritual forces that promote self healing.

Visual impressions, colors, sounds and movements, make up an exiting experience. With an array of tribal beats, dances, voices and earth instruments that are manifested into an inspirational art form that delights the soul. 

Mysticism unfolds thru a series of precision presentations keeping the crowd at the edge of their seats. The audience is spellbound into myriads of reactions, stimulating the heart and the mind. This allows the audience to participate actively or vicariously. As an international performer, Uqualla has awed peoples of the world with his mystical magical ceremonials.
Each performance is a unique once in a life time experience, illuminating human awareness to connect with the higher forces all around us. Uqualla simply defines his art as

~ Bringing the smoke to life ~

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